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Whitley Hall Love and Laughter

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Georgina and Darren were married on a gorgeous September day in the amazing Whitley hall in Sheffield. The day was filled from the onset with so many emotions. As a long awaited wedding arrived, there were tears, laughter and so much love. The ceremony was absolutely perfect, decorated in beautiful blush pink with amazing flowers and room dressings by the lovely Orchids Flowers and venue dressing Barnsley

Throughout the day, the little touches provided by the decor and the hard work put in by the Bride made this day stand out a mile. Georgina and Darren stressed to me that family was the main aspect of this wedding and it really came through with all the details.

The gardens at Whitley hall served as a fabulous backdrop for the couples photographs, both just the couple and the full family. I even hung out of a bedroom window to get an amazing shot of the entire family, something that was at the top of the list of the couples must haves.

Georgina sent me an amazing pintrest board jam packed with ideas for her wedding photos and throughout the day we tried to get the feel of that board but put our own swing on it. The amount of fun we had recreating some of the ideas was incredible. I laid on the damp grass under the groomsmen, I rolled around on the floor under Georgina's dress... Seriously earned my wage that day!

As the day drew to a close, the fun and laughter increased 10 fold. The speeches were hilarious and so many people got up to speak. So many memories, so many tears and so much laughter. The evening reception was filled to the rafters with well wishers all there to wish love and happiness to Georgina and Darren. They danced the night away with friends and most importantly Family.

What a fantastic day!

Sending all my best and well wishes of the Wedding of Mr and Mrs Casper at Whitely Hall hotel from Bumblebugs Photography

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