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Whats a cake smash and is it right for you?

What is a cake smash?

Cake Smash photo shoots have risen in popularity since its inception in the US a few years ago. The concept is simple, Give a child a cake and let them experience the tastes and textures of the delicious cake and capture it on camera. Since cake smash sessions have started the themes and sets have developed into amazing way of celebrating your little ones milestone birthdays.

Does it have to be cake?

No! At Bumblebugs Photography we also do an alternative to a cake smash which is super popular for older children (2/3 Year old) PAINT! We call it our pain splat session and instead of cake, we supply washable poster paints and a canvas and allow the child to create to their hearts content. You can then take the canvas home and proudly display it in your home as part of your birthday celebrations.

Its a great alternative to a cake smash especially if your little one has any food allergies or just plain doesn't like eating sweet food.

Whats included in my session?

Every cake smash or even paint splat session includes all the items you will need. Every cake smash includes a stunning custom cake made by the amazing The Crumb Kitchen a local baker who designs the cake specifically to match your theme. If you decide to opt for the paint splat, the paint, canvas, paint brushes are all included.

I also have a lovely inventory of cake smash outfits in age 9-12 months or 12-18 months, tutus for girls and shorts for boys.

How do I prepare for my cake smash?

Before you bring your baby for a cake smash, I always recommend for you to give your baby either a frosted cake or a cupcake with buttercream icing for them to become familiar with the taste and texture of a cake a few days before the session. This gives your baby the chance to experience the feeling of the cake before the session.

What happens during the cake smash?

During the cake smash we start off clean and do some lovely birthday portraits to get the baby used to me and the camera before the cake even gets put in front of them. Its a great way of getting some lovely images of your baby before they get messy and gives you the chance to use a different outfit.

After the initial portraits we get the cake out and let the baby do their thing with the cake. Not all babies get straight into it and take some coaxing so expect to get messy yourself. Don't wear your best clothes! After around 10 to 15 minutes or when baby has had enough we change it up to the next part...

A splash session! We get out my little tub and clean baby up in the bath, we have bubbles and songs and make it the best part of the session! Not only does your little one get squeaky clean they also have so much fun!

What themes are available?

You dream it, I can design it! I love creating themes from scratch, balloon arches have been so popular this year as they can be adapted to pretty much any theme you can think of. All the way from Sesame Street to Pastel Rainbow or even Wild One to Toy Story! All you have to do is ask and I will create an amazing theme custom designed for you!

What should I bring?

Like I mentioned before, don't wear anything you mind getting messy to your cake smash session. All you will need to bring is wipes, a spare outfit for your little one and possibly yourself depending on how messy it gets. I always have outfits and Towels available but your more than welcome to bring your own. I'd also bring some of your baby's favorite snacks just in case they aren't into the cake. You wouldn't believe how often we use choccy buttons or crisps to make it look like baby is smashing the cake!

So what do you think? Would you be interested in one of Barnsleys Amazing Cake Smashes?

To book please head to our website

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