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5 Things to ask your Wedding Photographer

First of all Welcome to 2020 and Congratulations on your engagement! You may have been engaged a while and just started looking for your suppliers, or you could have got engaged over Christmas! What a present!

Working for over 10 years as a Wedding Photographer I have gained some valuable information to make sure you get the best from your Wedding Photographer no matter what budget your on!

1. What is your style?

This is one of the main things to ask. When doing your research into your ideal wedding photographer, look at their galleries, see if they match your vision. Pintrest is a great site to find what style your looking for and making yourself a pintrest board or a mood board will help in your search for a photographer.

2. What is included in your packages?

One of my most commonly asked questions. What do I get for my money? This should be clearly stated on any correspondence so your not left in the dark about your choice. A contract should be made and signed so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Photography is one of the only things from your wedding that you will keep and treasure for a lifetime so make sure you get what you pay for.

3. Will the photos be retouched?

Another common question. Every photographer has a different way of working and shooting weddings... which is why this is an important question. Will all the photos be retouched?Will only a select few be retouched? will all the colours match? All very important to know so you know exactly what to expect from your big days memories.

4. Do you have insurance?

This is a big one! How many times have you logged into Facebook and seen wedding horror stories where the photographer has ruined the day by missing key point, out of focus photos or just hasn't turned up at all? For me that's loads! Make sure they have professional liability and indemnity insurance! It is so important. Even if its a 'just in case' it needs to be in place. no insurance? no booking!

5. What do you charge?

This is THE single most asked question. How much? You need to know how much you are being charged. budgeting for your wedding is a nightmare at the best of times, but knowing how much you have to pay out and when is absolutely necessary. Will i get charged for extra time? What if I want something extra that's not in the package? know how much you will be charged and by when. including the deposit etc.

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